RAS MASQA - 2016


As part of its “Museum in the Making” initiative, APEAL organized a one-month artists-in-residence program from March 18 to April 18, 2016, in the village of Ras Masqa, North Lebanon, in collaboration with the Temporary Art Platform (TAP).

The program focused on the theme of art education and used the village of Ras Masqa and its surroundings as the site of exploration.
The six artists in residence conducted research and implemented their proposals during their month-long stay in Ras Masqa, which gave them ample time to explore the local site in depth.

Addressing the context, the proposals used a participatory approach to create an access point for the public to engage with the art. Taken outside the urban context, this approach and the interaction with the various communities in the village led to a greater awareness of contemporary art.

Areas explored included ways in which pedagogy can emerge through contemporary artistic practice, projects can enhance awareness of contemporary art in a rural community, and, in turn, a rural community can inform a project.

Parallel events were held with the residency’s partners – the Lebanese University and Institute of Fine Arts (North Branch) – in the village and included a series of public lectures, events, and workshops targeting university students and the local communities.
 Ali El-Darsa
 Leva Saudargaité
 Myriam Boulos
 Petra Serhal
 Raymond Gemayel
 Youmna Geday