Art Conservation

Preserving the Lebanese National Art Heritage 

Neglected since the civil war, the paintings, works on paper and sculptures were poorly stored, covered in dust and mold, damaged by water, holes and tears.

Continuous professional development, academic exchanges, and the establishment of professional programs in conservation play a crucial role in preserving and researching our National Treasure.

BeMA is a member of IIC:

Restoration Lab Timeline


920 artworks to be restored and 2500 to be cleaned


55,000 Euros grant by the Cultural Preservation Program of the German Federal Foreign Office, provides basic equipment and rehabilitation of the UNESCO storage space


Lack of electricity at UNESCO Storage: Artworks in condition crisis once again

  • Beirut Explosion: recleaning & restoring 
  •  Dusting campaign of the Sursock Museum’s collection 
  • 41,200 US Dollars awarded by UNESCO to restore 17 artworks

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German State Academy of Art and Design & Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences sponsor training workshops for tear-mending with specialist Petra Demuth.

  • 294 artworks restituted, and 1800 artworks cleaned
  • Graduated 4 Junior restorers
  • Establishment of a fully equipped paper restoration laboratory with 2 trainees
  • Partnership with AUB scientific laboratory and faculty
  • Training Worshops offered to all local Lebanese restorers 

2023-2028 target
  • Restore 669 artworks - Clean 700
  • Trainings to enhance know-how
  • Transfer of skills
  • Complete purchase of scientific equipment
  • Become a leading institute for scientific conservation of modern cultural heritage

The program offers training and capacity building compensating for the lack of conservation studies in Lebanon.

Watch our Video to discover BeMA's Restoration Story 

A Selection Of Restored Artworks