REVOLT - 2019
Beirut’s iconic Egg building was surrounded by construction hoarding. Then protestors started to rip down the boards to use for road blocks.
On one side, the bare metal posts that remained have been turned into fixtures for large photographs.

The Beirut Center of Photography – BCP, with the support of APEAL (The Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of Arts in Lebanon), launched the open air exhibition “REVOLT” in center Beirut. Images by 11 photographers were strung up on large canvases, along the site’s perimeter that faces the main road. 

The photographers include:
Lara Tabet, Marwan Tahtah, and Badr Safadi, Blanche Eid, Elias Moubarak, Emilie Madi, Hussein Baydoun, Jack saikali, Pierre Abou Jaoude, Rudy Bou Chebel.