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 Fellowship in Art Handling
and Exhibition Installation
 ARTIVATOR is collaborating with the Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA) in Lebanon under the CATAPULT. visual’arts Programme to offer an exciting fellowship in Art Handling and Exhibition Installation. By combining skills development with practical experience, we aspire to empower emerging arts practitioners to spearhead knowledge, know-how and growth within the industry. The fellowship offers emerging professionals in Lebanon’s cultural sphere, an immersive and comprehensive training experience. Through tailored experiences,participants in this edition will gain essential skills and knowledge in artwork handling, conservation, exhibition planning, and installation. Participants will engage in both theoretical and practical training across various settings and projects.

 ARTIVATOR is a new Art Management Incubator initiated by British Council – MENA, aimed at building the capacity of cultural practitioners from the MENA region. The initiative aims to provide opportunities of training, mentoring, and networking, in collaboration with regional and UK partners, to help participants acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the arts industry, providing them with a bespoke experience. Participants benefit from access to a network of arts professionals, as well as resources and support from our partners. Through its work, the incubator aims to promote the development of a vibrant and sustainable arts sector in the MENA region. By supporting emerging arts managers, it hopes to create a new generation of leaders who are equipped to navigate the challenges of the industry and drive its growth and innovation. If you are an emerging arts manager in the MENA region, ARTIVATOR offers an unparalleled opportunity to take your career to the next level.

More about BeMA
 The Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA) is a cultural platform in Beirut, dedicated to the transformative power of culture and creativity, BeMA’s mission is to preserve, produce, and promote Lebanese and regional art, fostering connections through creative practices, heritage identity, and knowledge. While construction to build a new museum is underway, BeMA develops continued cultural expertise, professional traininglearning, research, digitization, and conservation.

 Since 2023, the British Council has collaborated with BeMA to develop “Unfolding Practices,” a series of workshops designed for emerging Lebanese artists and visual arts students. These workshops aim to initiate, cultivate, and professionalize participants, fostering collective work and creation. Through a comprehensive approach involving knowledge transfer, creative research, and artistic capacity enhancement, “Unfolding Practices” addresses practical aspects of the artistic process, including artwork development, production, presentation, and scenography. By commissioning a series of artworks for the first BeMA Boxes project, the initiative encourages exploration and the production of new art languages within a broader cultural context. This collaboration significantly contributes to the development of contemporary artistic discourses in Lebanon and their access to a larger public.

Fellowship Focus
Selected fellows will undertake a comprehensive one- month program focusing on art handling, exhibition installation, and maintenance. Each fellow will focus on one of the following areas:
1. Art Handling: Gain insights into museum standards for handling precious objects and artworks. Learn basic preservation techniques and best handling practices, including the specific needs and material characteristics of paintings, artworks on paper, and 3D objects.
2. Artwork Preparation: Master the meticulous preparation of artworks for exhibitions. This includes creating detailed condition reports, proper wrapping, and transportation. Develop expertise in assessing the condition of artworks, documenting their state, and implementing best practices for safe packaging and transit, ensuring artworks arrive in perfect condition and are ready for display.
3. Scenography Installation: Learn the techniques and technical challenges of setting up itinerant exhibition scenography as part of the “BeMA Boxes Itinerant Program.” Gain hands-on experience in moving and implementing mobile exhibition artifacts, addressing logistical considerations and spatial design to create safe and engaging environments adaptable to various locations.
4. Art Installation in Exhibitions: Acquire the skills and knowledge needed for museum-standard art installation in exhibitions. Understand the principles of exhibit design, preparation, handling, and positioning artworks, ensuring proper lighting and display conditions, and maintaining safety standards. Gain practical experience in setting up exhibitions that highlight and preserve the integrity of the artworks, creating a compelling and educational experience for visitors.
5. Exhibition Maintenance: Learn how to ensure optimal conditions throughout the display period. Gain expertise in creating and following maintenance procedures through routine inspections and quality check templates.
6. Exhibition Dismantling: Develop the skills to plan and implement the safe dismantling of an exhibition, covering every step from inventory and condition reporting to packing, transportation, and restoring the space to its original condition.
7. Exhibition Planning and Adjustments: Learn how to create an effective plan for exhibition installation, including timelines, budget, equipment, and expertise needed to ensure a smooth process in artwork handling and installation. Identify successful strategies, challenges encountered, and improvements for future installations.
8. Effective Collaboration and Professionalism: Learn to interact effectively with exhibition curators, scenographers, conservators, restorers, art shippers, and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth and successful exhibition installation and dismantling.
Fellowship Details:
The fellowship program is open to two applicants and will span four weeks, divided into two non-consecutive periods of two weeks each. This structure allows fellows to receive training on two exhibition projects created by BeMA and various stakeholders. Participants will engage in theory presentations, practical tasks, workshops, and on-site training.

An honorarium totalling $500 will be offered for the entire four-week training period, along with three days of accommodation for projects that require installation outside of Beirut.

Eligibility Criteria:
This fellowship is open to emerging professionals in Lebanon’s cultural industry with prior experience in event installation and management, creative industry practices, live art, performance art, sound installation, and/or multimedia installation. A passion for art and heritage is essential.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and able to commit to two weeks of on-site training from July 1st to 14th, and another two weeks from August 26th to September 9th, 2024. Proficiency in English and Arabic is required, with French being a plus.

Applicants must demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a commitment to professional development. Additionally, they should possess:
• Precision and attention to detail.
• Understanding of tools and hardware.
• Effective problem-solving ability.
• Physical stamina and dexterity.
• Strong organizational skills.
• Aesthetic sense.
• Adaptability to diverse environments.
• Compliance with safety measures.
• Proficiency in operating tools.
• Willingness to work irregular hours.

What You Will Gain:
Selected fellows will benefit from:
• Hands-on experience and training on museum standards and policies.
• Mentorship and guidance from industry professionals.
• Networking opportunities with peers and experts in the field

How to Apply:
Interested candidates are invited to submit a short biography/CV and a cover letter addressing the following points:
• Motivation for applying to the fellowship.
• Relevant experience in the field of expertise mentioned above.
• Career ambitions in the creative industry and heritage area of practice.
• Personal and practical qualities essential for the focus area defined by the fellowship.

Application deadline: June 11th, 2024

Please submit your application to:
Subject: ARTIVATOR Fellowship Application – Art Handling and Exhibition Installation

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to elevate your career in Art Handling and Exhibition Installation and contribute to the flourishing arts sector in Lebanon.

Apply now and embark on a transformative journey with ARTIVATOR and BeMA

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