The Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA) is a cultural platform in Beirut, dedicated to the transformative power of culture and creativity, BeMA’s mission is to preserve, produce, and promote Lebanese and regional art, fostering connections through creative practices, heritage identity, and knowledge. While construction to build a new museum is underway, BeMA develops continued cultural expertise, professional training and engagement, through high standard programs in learning, research, digitization, and conservation.

Our Vision
The Beirut Museum of Art aims to be a beacon of inspiration & discovery, caring for the transformative power of culture & creativity.

Our Mission
The Beirut Museum of Art preserves, produces, and promotes Lebanese & regional art by connecting people through creative practices, heritage identity and knowledge, while adapting to present and future needs.

BeMA Board of Trustees Members
Abou Nader, Sandra (Co-founder)
Abu Charaf, Charbel
Araygi, Raymond (Honorary Member)
Audi, Claude
Calil, Bernard (President)
Chammas, Lilianne
Daccache, Rev. Father Salim (USJ Rector)
Daniel, Rania
El Dahdah, Fares
Haykel, Richard
Helou, Maroun
Karaoglan, Cyril
Nammour, Rita (Co-founder)
Saddi, Joseph (Vice President)
Sawaf, Mu’taz
Shehadi, Ramez
Yammine, Sarkis  
The Team

Juliana Khalaf Salhab Co-Director

Taline N. Boladian Co-Director

Kerstin Khalife Head, Conservation Lab

Clemence Cottard Artistic Director

Maya Hage Head, Learning and Outreach Department

Rayane Raidi Programs Manager

Mahmoud Merjan Head, Archives & Digitization Department

Roger Georges Khalil Project Director, Buildings Department

Nadine Andraos Chaer Head, Administration and Operations

Ricardo Labaki Creative

Yasmine Al Awa Paintings Restorer, Conservation Lab

Naiyrie Keuteklian Paintings Restorer, Conservation Lab

Elise Barsona Trainee, Conservation Lab

Karl Kassouf Trainee, Conservation Lab

In addition to nurturing cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration between the United States of America and Lebanon, BeMA USA works to advance the development of the Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA). It is also dedicated to supporting and promoting the innovation, originality, richness, and skill of Lebanese artists and the conservation of their work for worldwide appreciation and inspiration.

From the beginning, BeMA USA sought to create and enhance widespread interest in the Lebanese art scene and all its extensions. It has extended its support to Lebanese artistic ventures through close partnerships and teamwork with US institutions. This has included educational and restoration initiatives, scholarships, exhibitions, and exchange programs.

BeMA USA is a non-profit organization registered in Washington, DC (EIN #46-5146223).
APEAL - The Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of the Arts in Lebanon

A non-profit organization established in 2008, the Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of the Arts in Lebanon (APEAL) is dedicated to advancing Lebanese art and supporting Lebanese artists by facilitating their access to the global art world.

From London to Washington, Venice to Dubai, APEAL’s initiatives have furthered the role of Lebanese art by way of exhibitions, public art commissions, scholarships, and international art exchanges. The APEAL Scholarship, granted to talented art students and emerging artists for postgraduate degrees, has made it possible for numerous candidates to attend major institutions in both Lebanon (ALBA, AUB, USEK, USJ) and abroad (Cal Arts, HEAD Geneva, MIT, Sorbonne, Université de Montréal, Yale and Harvard).

APEAL grew to become a significant supporter of Lebanon’s arts scene both at home and abroad. In 2015, APEAL spearheaded the establishment of a major modern and contemporary art museum in Lebanon, the Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA).

In 2021, APEAL suspended its activities and its members were invited to join different committees within BeMA.

BeMA gratefully acknowledges its major supporters

  • White & Case LLP International Law Firm, Global Law Practice
  • Banque BEMO
  • Cyril Karaoglan
  • El Khoury Law Firm
  • UNESCO LiBeirut
  • Robert A. Matta
  • ABNIAH Engineering & Contracting
  • Middle East Institute - MEI
  • Cologne Institute for Conservation Sciences - CICS